Wedding Film // Jason + Zabrina

This is a love story with so much deep emotions, and as Jason and Zabrina shared it, the audience couldn’t help but clean tears from their eyes. As the elegantly lit room shone on Zabrina’s face whilst being led to Jason who couldn’t help feeling and looking his happiest. A love so pure, so free, so full.

Her father who couldn’t stop the tears from coming down said a prayer with her and her mother, and later walked her down the aisle, into Jason’s arms. The sadness of losing his daughter and the happiness of giving her in marriage reflected on his face. Zabrina’s dress, a sheer white silhouette plunging neckline dress, accentuated her pure caramel skin and her utmost gorgeousness flowed through its perfect details. Witnessed by friends and family, they exchanged their personalized vows at the altar. The couple revealed how they had found a home together, gotten engaged and married in a year.

Zabrina also revealed that she was looking for someone with a good heart and Jason fit the description fully “I’m so proud and happy to be your wife” she kept saying. Jason on the other hand said that when he was asked why Zabrina or what’s so special about Zabrina he stated that her awesome love and respect for family and her beautiful face of course made him want to build one with her. He also explained how she has helped him learn to become a better person and how she has stayed with him through the different storms they had both faced. He is also excited about learning from her in the coming years.

Zabrina went ahead to play a special love note to her newly found husband on the violin and later the couple sang a song that was inspired by the entirety of their love for each other. Cheered on by the guests, with confetti on their faces, they walked through the hall as a man and his wife. The real beauty was watching them play off each other when Jason admitted “I love you with all my heart” to Zabrina and she couldn’t help but look at him with the same look in his eyes.

It is a beautiful thing to truly know a person deeply with all their flaws and imperfections and still wholly love them for it. This is the love story of Jason Chan and Zabrina Chew.

Venue: St Regis
Photographer: Kai Picture