Wedding Film // Edwin + Elise

It was nothing short of a beautiful day, the weather was perfect for the outdoor wedding ceremony of Edwin and Elise as they walked the aisle to spending forever with each other. Their love story as well as the message of the preacher was all about true love and what it meant to feel it and show it. “true love is not just beneficial, it is sacrificial” were the words of the preacher as he explained using the love of Christ as an example.
The twelve years journey of Edwin and Elise from 2006 when they met in school up till 2018 is an example of showing true love and building love from the ground up and their beautiful love story was the inspiration behind Edwin’s choice of march-in song “from the ground up” because it really captured what their love journey has been about. It started off as a long distance relationship which they had to work through, up to getting their first jobs and Elise time of sickness all through which they stuck together building and loving each other.
Elise was radiant and all smiles on her day from her preparation time up till when she walked down the aisle in her beautifully embellished white wedding dress, manicured nails and perfect smile for the perfect bride, Edwin as well looked great in his well-tailored suit and couldn’t contain his joy as he shared with his friends. It was beautiful to witness the couple as they said their vows to each other, telling stories of their love, being grateful to have each other and promising to love each other from then on. Elise described Edwin as her partner, adviser, cheer leader and as a gift from God during their emotional vows exchange and the guests applauded the union.
The bubbly spirit of the day was matched with beautiful decoration of flowers, lights, good will messages and enough food and drinks for the guests. A live band played, the couple’s train had fun time during the photography session and everyone was in good spirit as they shared Edwin and Elise’s special day of love.

Venue: Summerhouse
Photographer: Hong Ray Photography