Destination Pre-wedding // Nicholas + Natalie

Nicholas and Natalie have a love story you don’t want to miss. For eight years, they were in a long-distance relationship, meeting up only a few times a year, waiting for the moment they would officially be united. Natalie being from Hong Kong and Nicholas from Singapore, they caught each-other’s eye at a cafe when Natalie was visiting Singapore for an internship. From that moment on, their lives would never be the same. They knew in their hearts they had found something truly special, and that they must overcome anything to make it work.

Eight years later, after many love letters and plane rides exchanged, their waiting finally paid off. As with any true and wholehearted love story involving sacrifice and commitment, the celebration is just as fantastic. Nicholas and Natalie’s pre-wedding is a short romance movie in itself. The stunning shots and moments of true embrace, Hong Kong’s business contrasting with the still moments between the two newly engaged, true laughter shared among Hong Kong’s natural beauty — just a taste of what this love is like.

Come experience the first part of this special marital embrace as two long-lost loves are reunited at last.