Wedding Film // Damien + Yam

The time is here! After Damien and Yam’s dream Korean pre-wedding, topped with classic tastes and scenes, they have led us to the awaited day — and it’s filled with pure love, honest truths and wild moments. It was clear to see that a couple who would travel thousands of miles away to display their love and devotion to each other in a creative and unique manner would hold a very special connection, however it’s not until we hear the true-hearted vows of Yam and bird-like love tunes from Damien that we realize how special this love truly is.

To line the heart-throbbing vows and picture-perfect attire and accessories, reminding us of the beauty that Damien and Yam created in Korea, the wedding party is pumped and ready to send these two love birds off into married life. Everyone excitedly rushes around, creating treats and preparations for the groomsmen’s competitions, providing a buffet of weird eats and wild games to be shared by all.

The aspect that stands out through all of it, however, are Yam and Damien’s smiles. It’s clear that this day has been building up for quite some time — and everything is going perfectly to make this dream come true.

The day ends as any perfect wedding should — the embrace of loved ones and family members, a photoshoot with the most fashionable wedding party in town and a kiss to make it all official. Join Damien and Yam as they finalize their great celebration and embark on their new, favourite journey.