Destination Pre-wedding // Damien + Yam

Damien and Yam have created something special. In Korea, the land of tradition, they have chosen to make their vows a journey of exploration through the ancient walkways and ‘modern sightseeings of Seoul. With every step they take, making closer the one leading to their lives together, they embark on a special expedition together, enjoying the fruits and tastes, the views and thrills of another country, gaining momentum for their new lives, side by side.

This wedding is exciting as both the bride and groom decide to adventure into a new world together, the tastes of ice cream treats and visions of gorgeous landscapes from afar will fill your palate and have you wishing you were there.

Damien and Yam chose excitement for their special day. They sought out the greatest heights and found the most breathtaking views to begin their lives together — to start a chapter taking in new ideas and a grounded foundation for one of the greatest moments of their lives.