Wedding Film // Guo Hong + Selena

Guo Hong and Selena’s wedding day is picture perfect. From the modern colours and stylish accessories, Selena’s classic beauty and Guo Hong’s slick style, it almost seems as if the audience had stumbled upon a movie set. The stunning bride and groom are backed by a vibrant and cheerful wedding party — making evident how close the friends are as they share a mutual joy and enthusasium for this special matrimony.

What’s clear the whole day through, is the bond between parents and the bride and groom individually. This wedding provides a unique concoction of gentleness, tradition and carefree fun. The way Selena’s parents help her prepare for the big day, each parent on either side, gently assisting her, showing clear bouts of love and pride. Then there’s the party — games and challenges that will leave you laughing and sometimes cringing.

On one side, Guo Hong and Selena have created a stylish and wonderfully modern celebration, inspiring liveliness and laughter from everyone involved. On the other, this wedding respectfully upkeeps tradition — founding the very essence of a bondage between two individuals. They have created something special and well-rounded that speaks to their values, forming a stable and energetic introduction to their new lives together… and they have invited you along.