Wedding Film // Daniel + Jasmine

Family steals the spotlight in Daniel & Jasmine’s dream wedding day — and for good reason. They’re the ones who taught them how to love and how they should be loved. Family is the exemplar of commitment, joy and sacrifice, and in Daniel & Jasmine’s case, undeniable support. From beginning to end, both Daniel and Jasmine’s parents hold all the emotional weight, helping their children prepare for one of the most important journeys of their lives, and displaying pure joy the whole way through.

As for the bride and groom themselves, let’s just say you’ll be looking through style wedding magazines after catching a glimpse of this wedding, in search for similar ideas. The outfits and decor are unique and absolutely stunning, leaving you breathless and maybe a bit jealous. From the slick car, to Daniel’s personalized tux and Jasmine’s gorgeous dresses, the aesthetics are mesmerizing and one for the books.

Daniel & Jasmine, the genuine love between each other and their families, the style and the class, all create a perfect wedding package, one of inspiration, gratitude and longevity.