Wedding Film // Hock Kiat + Audrey

In Hockkiat & Audrey’s wedding day, smiles are abundant as they are contagious. You can sense the bubbly feeling among all wedding party members and have a chuckle over Hockkiat’s sense of humour, lighting up the room. All the while, Audrey’s natural beauty will leave a mark on you, as her joy and style simply radiates.

This wedding is modern and fun. The classic groomsmen dares and competitions will leave you in stitches, and the stylish apparel will have you wondering if you witnessed a wedding or a music video. All members of this wedding party are dedicated and prepared to have the best day of the year — filling the day up with laughter and excitement.

The truly special part of this day, however, is the moments of care between the bride and groom caught on camera. The affection and deep adoration between Hockkiat and Audrey is what this great celebration is all about. Join them as they take their next big step as husband and wife while sharing a love that’s cherished and admired.