Wedding Film // Vincent + Ziwei

“I will share grief, sorrow and joy with you. I will protect you.” Some of the opening words from Vincent & Ziwei’s special day, setting the tone for their lives. Through these opening vows, his devotion and her adoration are evident as they are infectious. Highlights from the ceremony and behind-the-scene moments display just why their love for each other is so strong. Her beauty and carefree spirit, his good humour and deep words radiate from beginning to end.

To sum up this ceremony and wedding party would be to use the word, “fun.” The groomsmen take on the more feminine wedding roles and moments in dare-like competitions as the women orchestrate the games and outcomes, leading to heaps of laughter the whole way through. There’s a game with beans and the groomsmen try out their acrobat skills in a teamwork setting, while the bridal party try to get as many pictures in while it lasts – keeping the day’s vibe young and upbeat.

Vincent & Ziwei’s wedding has it all. From traditional and heartfelt moments to fun-filled and spontaneous events then sealed with the kiss they’ve been waiting for, this beautiful day will have you on your feet and wishing you were there.