Wedding Film // Keong Yee + Gloria

What’s more romantic than venturing an expansive forest with the love of your life? It looks like the sun is shining directly onto the path that KeongYee and Gloria walk together through this green oasis hand-in-hand, and they couldn’t be more in awe with one another. They have the most gleeful smiles on their faces as they catch each other’s gazes, and we can truly feel the pride and responsibility that KeongYee has deep inside for his bubbly bride.
The intimate nature of their wedding illustrates just how important family ties are to the both of them: and they couldn’t be more excited about joining together to form the foundations of their very own family on this day. Gloria’s vibrant, striking bouquet and flowing gown are almost as magnificent as the giddy grin that she just can’t seem to part with!
There’s something about the energy that they share that seems completely balanced, and you can tell that they find their calm in one another. KeongYee gives Gloria the sweetest kisses on the forehead, and it’s almost as if she melts in the best way at the attention he lovingly shrouds her in. Their hands mold perfectly together, and you can tell that they truly make one another’s fears and worries melt away with one single touch.