Wedding Film // Shawn + Sherlyn

Shawn and Sherlyn know how to have fun. The day is illuminated with warm sunlight, beaming down onto their tightly knitted family and their proud smiles, as the newlywed couple invite everyone’s senses along for a wild ride. From traditional tea moments, to food tasting games and sour drinks, the gorgeous displays of appetizers, you can smell, taste and imagine the strong pleasures tickling your senses.

The wedding party doesn’t stop there. Behind the scene shots of Sherlyn’s stunning wedding dresses, accompanied by her picture-perfect bridal party are laced with moments of true humour as members of the party take turns providing a Karaoke wedding soundtrack and playing the mouth guard game, ‘Watch Ya’ Mouth.’

An adrenalin-pumping and sensory pleasing wedding, displaying true family love that will ensure to liven you up and leave you with a full heart.