Wedding Film // Haur Shen + Serene

We can see just how easily laughter and delight infect the mood when HaurShen and Serene are together. There’s something about their chemistry that makes it apparent that they belong together. Her groom is very easily tongue-tied while he describes the moment when he first asked for her hand in marriage, and she stands there beaming, holding the mic to his mouth trying to control her giggles. Watching them exchanging shimmering smiles and sharing deep kisses fills us all with a warmth that shines as bright as the sun. Their ceremony takes shape in a beautiful outdoor setting full of flowers and striking colors. Their keepsake area displays mementos of their life and travels together through the years, and their bridal party truly fills out the festive, high-energy mood.

The bride has the most touching words of loyalty and commitment for her husband, and it’s clear to see that every moment of their special day was exactly what they had hoped for. If there’s anything that we can predict about what the future holds for this darling couple, we know it will includes very much contagious laughter and overflowing love.