Wedding Film // Alex + Lynette

Love radiates from Alex and Lynette’s favourite day. It opens with the ceremony preparation, Lynette’s father walking her up the isle, and by the look of their faces, it’s clear this shared love is one-of-a-kind. As the vows begin, the emotion follows — allowing the audience to seep into the true nature of their promises. You can feel the warmth from tearful parents and joyful relatives and sense the excitement from the bubbly wedding party as the day captures the essences of everyone involved and the spirit of the moment. You can’t have a dream wedding without a hint of fun, as reminded by the cooking squad’s mystery snacks for the groomsmen. The games come out, painful to watch in more ways than one, through competitions with large body clips and dance performances, reenacting music videos as the groomsmen dress as ladies for the occasion. The real spotlight, however, is on the bride and groom and the moments captured between the two while their promises and loved ones fill up the day with genuine endearment.

Join Alex and Lynette as they begin their new, wondrous adventure together, as they and their loved ones light up the day with a true sense of love that is felt by all.