Destination Pre-wedding // Joel + Alison

As reeds blow in the breeze and the sun shines with clarity, it’s impossible not to get wrapped up in the excitement, warmth and passion that Joel and Alison share: and listening close to Joel as he begins to recount the experiences that lead him to finding the courage and confidence inside himself to propose to his one and only true love should inspire us all. The way that they hold each other close in their own little universe and stare lovingly into one another’s gazes while they share a drink will make you smile wider than you thought was possible!
Once Alison starts in on narrating the tale of just a few of the biggest milestones they’ve shared together in their 12 years as a couple, it becomes clear that fate brought this splendid pair together. They’ve grown together as individuals and as one through all of that time: and all of those joys, successes and hard days is what makes their wedding union that much more special. They’ve helped mold one another into the people that they are today, and nothing is more romantic and special than a connection like the one that they share. You get this overwhelming sense that they care for and love one another equally: and they’re the kinds of best friends that start happy families, live happy lives and grow old together.