Wedding Film // Shaun + Lay Hoon

Weddings mean promises. To marry oneself to another for life involves a certain semblance of vulnerability, giving and balance. Shaun and Lay Hoon depict this special love in every way possible. Like a love story from a dream, their favourite day is narrated with poetic words of love and wisdom: their shared vows will stir anyone to tears and the speeches from the solemnizer hold enlightenment and truth. The special quality of this wedding comes from the obvious and distinct work and time that has been put into every aspect of the relationship and celebration. The outcome of such a foundation is true tenderness and appreciation — qualities that are strongly vivid between the two newlyweds, an energetic spark that the wedding party and viewers can feel.

Come join Shaun and Lay Hoon as they lyrically share their love story, from the perfect fit to the stunning bride and a kiss that signifies a lifetime.

Venue: The Fullerton Hotel
Pre-wedding: Coney island