Wedding Film // Perry + Yin Yin

Perry and Yin Yin’s favourite day involves a perfect mix of pristine beauty, traditional moments and a dash of fun. This wedding has a special undertone following each stage of the day: Preciousness. From the breathtaking diamond that was used to begin this next chapter, Yin Yin’s radiating beauty, Grandparents’ delicate smiles and soft kisses shared by the joyful bride a groom, this wedding has heart and tenderness that will leave its mark. There’s something to be said about a wedding that holds so much softness yet allows a bit of goofing off, too. The day brings wedding members and its audience through visual and emotional beauty, right up to the games and snack-offs. Gooey marshmallows and nerve-racking dares finishes the ceremony with a bit of sweetness and laughter. You can feel the love with Perry and Yin Yin’s precious day — A type of love that will last.