Destination Pre-wedding // Eric + Meili

As the waves crash and the sun rises on a beautiful beach in Bali, a glowing couple comes into view: and sun beams cloak them in warmth as they stroll hand in hand along the sand. Eric has deeply heartfelt and pure words of excitement for his bride-to-be: and she’s got the kind of beaming smile that’s going to light up his life for years to come. He’s completely satisfied in his love with Meili, and he sees his future in the many grins and moments of laughter they’re prone to when they’re together.

Meili goes on to describe her experience as a modern woman that never placed an emphasis on marriage as her number one life goal: but now that she’s found Eric, she knows that she’s found her true forever love, and she looks completely forward to their future together. He’s changed her perspective for the better, and becoming Eric’s wife excites her more than anything else. There’s something about the way they fit together that’s inspiring to us all, and they can’t hide their sheer joy and love-drunk jubilation whenever they’re wrapped up in an embrace with one another.