Wedding Film // Chetan + Stephanie

Right away, we’re swept up in the visual of Chetan and Stephanie holding hands tightly in front of a beautiful city view, and there will be numerous shows of affection that follow as this magical day continues to progress cheerfully. Stephanie is definitely a traditional woman of few words, and her soft-spoken attitude and delicate smile make Chetan the happiest man alive.

He voices their entire wedding video, and it plays out like an enchanting ode to his one true lifelong companion. He starts out by saying that he knew as soon as he met Stephanie that they would be married one day, and words like that are the kind that can instantly set love embers aflame in the most romantic of hearts. The passion in his voice narrates beautiful embraces shared between them like an epic love story that we would pay big bucks to see in a movie theater.

The way that they meld effortlessly and seem to have a perfect fit when they’re together is the stuff of inspiration for those of us searching for our own love so picturesque and intoxicating. Now that he’s found the woman of his dreams to cherish for eternity, Chetan will stop at nothing to ensure that Stephanie is always full of bliss and happiness in her renewed life and future with him.