Wedding Film // Wenbin + Lixiang

It goes without saying that there’s something extremely heartfelt and charming about the unlikely union shared between Wenbin and Lixiang. They started out as friends many years ago, and they really couldn’t have guessed that they would end up here: sharing genuine, honest vows that would seal them and carry them into the rest of their lifetime together.

There’s a playfulness in the air that surrounds their ceremony, and we can see just how impactful their friends and family are in making this special day a rousing success. It’s hard not to laugh and be merry in these moments that pass us by! The authentic “homegrown” feel to their wedding is very natural, and their mannequin challenge at the playground with their wedding party was priceless!

Hearing the groom sing a touching ballad for his bride at the altar puts the cherry on top of a dazzling day, and the sweet kiss he leaves on her cheek as he lifts her veil makes her blush like no other man could. As he dips her in the close of the video, we can feel the sparks between them: and we can only imagine what an incredible life they might build together as husband and wife.