Wedding Film // Don + Reico

The preacher’s words that open this video are extremely touching, and his message about Don and Reico’s future sharing control over their destiny together as a husband and wife going forward into the future really resonates deep. He illustrates the fact that once they become joined as one, they exist as a team from that moment on: and there’s no room for disregarding the way the other partner feels once they make this lifetime commitment to marriage. We see Reico wrapped in the affectionate arms of both her mother and father just as the preacher’s words begin to resound: and we get the sense that they’re full of pride and excitement for the journey that their dear daughter is preparing to embark on with her forever love. Reico’s got a look of both peace and adrenaline in her eyes, and we can tell that she can’t wait for the moment when she slips into her wedding dress to walk down the aisle with Don. Once Don starts reciting his vows for her in front of their family and friends, the occasion gets started off in the best possible way with jovial laughter that fills the sanctuary.

When Don and Reico have shared their heartfelt oaths for one another in front of all of their guests, we experience the glee and thrill as they make their way back down the aisle as man and wife showing off their dance moves: and we can only imagine how many more ecstatic moments of movement they’ll embark on together throughout the years!